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Assessment Sub-Committee

The QEP Sub-Committee, comprised of faculty, and staff from a variety of different disciplines and areas of expertise, was formed to oversee the development of the Quality Enhancement Plan. Specifically, the sub-committee is charged with the following responsibilities.

  • Direct the assessment of the implementation plan.
  • Develop an assessment plan to effectively assess student learning in the curricular and co-curricular elements of the QEP, to include:
    • Development of measurable student learning outcomes;
    • Appropriate measures and performance targets;
    • Development of an assessment process;
    • A plan for disseminating assessment results to promote continuous improvement.
  • Assist in creating and maintaining a culture of assessment around the QEP topic, Sustainability Literacy.
  • Motivate faculty and staff in all steps of the assessment process.
  • Collaborate with institutional assessment committees as appropriate, including the Deans’ Assessment Committee (DAC), the Administrative Assessment Committee (AAC), and the faculty senate committee on Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness.
  • Record minutes of all meetings and file with OIEP.
  • Provide monthly updates to the Steering Committee. 

Assessment Sub-Committee

Members Department/Unit
Karin Roof Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (chair)
JoAnn Ewalt (retired) School of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Deborah Mihal Student Affairs
Michael O'Brien School of the Arts
Marcia Snyder School of Business
Jolanda-Pieta Van Arnhem            Addlestone Library

Sub-Committee Progress

*All meetings will be advertised on Yammer 24 hours in advance.
Please contact the chair Karin Roof(, for more
information pertaining to the sub-committee.

Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes**

Date                              Minutes                       
November 13, 2015                                Minutes
January 20, 2016 Minutes
February 16, 2016 Minutes
March 24, 2016 Minutes
May 18, 2016 Minutes
June 1, 2016 Minutes
August 22, 2016 Minutes
September 5, 2016 Minutes
September 12, 2016 Minutes
September 21, 2016 Minutes
October 31, 2016 Minutes
November 16, 2016 Minutes

**Attachments referenced throughout the minutes are available upon request.