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The College's next QEP will provide sustainability literacy learning opportunities structured around developing critical thinking skills, synthesizing knowledge across disciplines, contributing to creative problem solving, cultivating analytical reasoning, and fostering awareness about sustainability literacy. Students’ exposure to these learning skills will serve the important function of helping them better understand and comprehend the interdependent synergies of the systems that interact to make the Triple Bottom Line.  Because sustainability literacy is based upon understanding how social, economic and environmental systems interact, these learning opportunities will provide the entryway into students advocating for addressing 21st century problems. 

QEP Executive Summary*

QEP Document*

* Pending SACSCOC approval

Key Definitions

SUSTAINABILITY: The integration of social, economic and environmental systems in ways that allow for individual,
institutional, community, regional and planetary resilience.

SUSTAINABILITY LITERACY:Having the knowledge and skills to advocate for resilient social, economic and environmental systems.

TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE (TBL): A framework for conceiving of sustainability by analyzing the systemic links between the three core
domains of human life: social, environmental and economic. (The TBL dimensions are also commonly
called the three Ps: people, planet and profit/prosperity.)