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SACSCOC Fifth-Year Interim Report

The College of Charleston's Fifth-Year Interim Report is due to SACSCOC March 25, 2013, and includes two primary components: an Impact Report for Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and an abbreviated Compliance Certification.  The Impact Report will provide evidence of student learning within the First Year Experience program, while the Compliance Certification will address the sixteen SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation listed in the table below.  In addition, the College may be asked to complete a follow-up report on assessment of general education competencies.

The Fifth-Year interim Report was developed by SACSCOC to respond to the U.S. Department of Education's requirements that accrediting bodies continuously monitor institutions to ensure compliance. 

Standards Required for this Report:

CR 2.8                                  Number of Full-Time Faculty
CR 2.10                                Student Support Services
CS 3.2.8                               Qualified Administrative and Academic Officers
CS                             Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Programs
CS 3.4.3                                Admissions Polices
CS 3.4.11                              Qualified Academic Coordinators
CS 3.13.1                              Accrediting Decisions of Other Agencies
CS 3.13.3                              Complaint Procedures against the Commission
                                            or Its Accredited Institutions
CS 3.13.4                              Reaffirmation of Accreditation and Subsequent Reports
FR 4.1                                  Student Achievement
FR 4.2                                  Program Curriculum
FR 4.3                                  Publication of Policies
FR 4.4                                  Program Length
FR 4.5                                  Student Complaints
FR 4.6                                  Recruitment Materials
FR 4.7/CS 3.10.2 (3)              Title IV Program Responsibilities/Financial Aid Audits
FR 4.8                                  Distance and Correspondence Education
FR 4.9                                  Credit Hour Policy           

SACSCOC/QEP Templates for FYIR