Alumni Survey Infographics by Major

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness conducts a survey of Alumni one year, three years, and five years post-graduation. The survey inquires about employment, additional education, and level of satisfaction with the College of Charleston. The infographics below represent selected data from the 2014 (Class of 2008-2009), 2013 (Class of 2007-2008), and 2012 (Class of 2006-2007) Alumni Survey five years post-graduation. The infographics present data for all majors and selected majors with 20 or more respondents over the three year period. Each infographic has an interactive feature for viewing data from the respective majors, as well as a hover option that emphasizes data from the selected section.

Selected Majors

Anthropology (22), Arts Management (23), Biology (59), Business Administration (102), Communication (138), Economics (21), English (31), History (29), International Business (26), Physical Education (22), Political Science (69), and Psychology (44).   

* Apendix A and Apendix B provide a list of academic institutions and disciplines for all majors from the 2014, 2013, 2012 five-years post graduation reports.